1. All payment will be charged up front in cash or by transfer into account.
  2. Failure of payment will be prosecuted (All Prosecution charges will be charged to the customer).
  3. We reserve the right to refuse or stop the services at any stage of the job (Subject to the attitude and behavior or the customer).
  4. Hourly Job/minimum booking is 3 hour.
  5. Job Finished within the hour will be charged at full hourly rate.
  6. Out Of Hour charge will be £139.00 P/H – after 9-5 Monday to Friday.
  7. Packing material will be charged separately (in all jobs) according to our packing material price list.
    Parking suspension dispensation is customers responsibility if we get clamped or fined during loading & unloading will be included in final invoice.
  8. Congestion/ULES charge will be charged £45.00 per day on each van (if applicable).
  9. Cost of parking meter will be charged and included for each van in final invoice.
  10. No damage will be paid if part or self loading.
  1. it is customer responsibility to make payment for storage every 4th weekly 10days in advance.
    (A) Cost of storage have to be paid 10 days in advance before expired storage date minimum cost of storage will be 04 weeks.
    (B) Warrning… failure of payment for ever 01 week storage, we reserve the right to dump all stored contents and cost of dumping of contents will be charge separately.
  2. Service will only be base to base (Delivery will be at the nearest place in the property, we are not responsible to organize the flat or house).
  3. Incase of failure or breakdown of the lift/elevaor, there will be a separate hourly charge added in final invoice.
  4. Any cancellation of job by the customer will be charged 50% of total cost of job & No Deposit will be Refunded.
  5. Company will be not be responsible for any items missing, lost, broken, stolen, or damaged if it has not been intimated to the driver at the end of job done on the day of the removal (Customer should supervise his/her own goods and property at both the pick up and destination address).
  6. No damage will be paid if part or self loading.
  7. No damage will be paid for, if we have not provide a full packing and wrapping service by our own staff.
  8. All Customer should there have own content/home insurance for their own goods and property at both ends. company will not be responsible for any damage of goods/property while handling, packing unpacking, dismantling/reassembling inside the premises at both ends.
  9. All coustomer should buy goods in transit insurance separately for the company for their goodsin the van, other wise company will not be responsibl for any damage of goods if vehicle is involved in an accident or fire.
  10. Two ID’s including one photo ID are required for security purposes.
  11. In Result of any waiting or delay by the customer, there will be hourly change included in the final invoice.
  12. Goods will not be delivered at the destination until all the payments have been made.
  13. In the event of damage, our own representative will assess the value of the damaged goods or property, as all goods inside the property will be considered 2nd hand or used only restoration or repair will be done if agreed, even antiques.
  14. While Doing add jobs e.g.(bringing sofa through the window) the company will not be responsible for any damage to the property or goods.

Note: Please read carefully and sign the contract / agreement